Knocking out a tooth can be categorized under emergency dental issues and you should rush to your nearest emergency dentist and let them take care of it. But going to the dentist would still take time, what do you do in the time in between? Well, if it’s an adult tooth then try to put it back in the socket and then rush to your local emergency dental clinic. For a child, the best option is to go directly to the dentist.

If the tooth can’t be put back in the socket then the knocked-out tooth should be put in milk. You don’t need to panic if there is bleeding. What you can do is put a handkerchief on the area and try to stop the blood from coming out. Keep your jaws together and apply pressure and don’t touch the root area. Here are some more tips that can help you in this type of emergency before you get to an emergency dentist.


Tips that can help if your tooth is knocked out

  • Wash the tooth:The first thing you do after your tooth is knocked out is to find the tooth and clean it. There would be dirt and debris on the surface of the tooth and that’s why it’s important to do this. Don’t use soap or any chemicals or scrub it, that can damage the tooth even more. You can use water or milk to rinse and post that you can keep the tooth in a glass of milk
  • Pain relief:

    If you feel pain in the tooth area, you can put an ice pack to reduce it, it can help in reducing the swelling as well if there is any. Hold the ice pack for 20 minutes and then remove and put it again after 20 minutes. If that doesn’t work, you can take some over the counter medicine.

  • Don’t mess with the roots:

    If you see roots hanging from the knocked-out tooth then don’t touch them. They are sensitive areas and help your tooth keep in place.

It is important to keep calm at the dental clinic

Getting your tooth knocked out can be an upsetting experience. However, once you reach the dental clinic and the emergency dentist starts with the process of putting the tooth back in, you should keep calm and let them complete it first. (There might be x-rays carried out first to assess the situation). Post the procedure, follow what they ask you to do in the after-care process and your tooth will be back in its original condition in no time. If you don’t want your tooth to be knocked out in the future, consider using a mouth guard, especially when you’re playing contact sports. For more toothy information on dental issues, contact us today or you can call +1 647 249 2966.