Children Dentistry

According to studies, most kids between the age of 5 and 11 generally have a minimum of one decayed tooth that’s untreated. The rate is alarming and this highlights the necessity of taking your kids to regular dental check-ups. Pediatric dentists across the globe have also confirmed that cavities during early childhood are one of the most common issues seen. And on top of that, this can lead to further oral issues down the line. That is why as a parent, it is your responsibility to take your young ones to your local children’s dentist regularly. Children’s dentistry doesn’t only resolve oral issues,  but also comes with several other benefits and we will discuss them in brief in this blog post.

Advantages of Children’s Dentistry

  • Developing good oral habits: Your two-year-old won’t need a thorough dental cleaning, however, you must teach them good dental practices. An expert in children’s dentistry can help your child learn the correct way of using a toothbrush, and floss properly and what can happen if they don’t take care of their teeth. Incorporating good oral habits from early childhood can lead to better oral health throughout their lives.
  • Emergency treatments: With children, accidents may happen, especially when it comes to teeth. Older children might damage their pearly while skateboarding or swimming. A children’s dentist can explain the right treatments for teeth that are broken or damaged from a blow or a fall. If primary teeth are affected they can be extracted to prevent complications for permanent teeth when they come in.
  • Checking for normal tooth development: From your child’s first visit to the dentist’s clinic, a children’s dentist checks if all teeth are developing and erupting normally. If there are any developmental issues, then the dentist can address and correct them early to limit any negative impact that can affect the integrity and the appearance of the smile. Additionally, they also check for signs of developing cavities which can help them identify nutritional issues that can affect the child’s overall health as well.
  • Tooth restoration and intervention: It’s not very unusual for your young ones to require tooth repairs as they get older. If they develop a cavity, for example, they may need a filling to repair it. Teenagers may also require a wisdom tooth extraction. Children’s dentistry procedures allow dentists to focus solely on dental care for children and you can be confident that they are well equipped to calm the patient’s nerves and provide the reassurance they need.

Making oral care fun

When you’re an adult, brushing and flossing have already become an integral part of your everyday life. However, for kids, it can be a difficult task to make them understand how important it is to make these a part of their daily routine. This is where dentists who specialize in children’s dentistry can make oral health fun. They have several ways to keep children excited and interested in establishing good oral hygiene. And as children’s dentists focus on working with children they can also easily build a rapport with their young patients, you can say it’s second nature for them. Bringing children to the dentist’s clinic should be started at a young age. As a parent, when you show the importance of maintaining oral to your child at a young age, good oral practices become a natural habit for them.

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