Teeth Extraction

Teeth Extraction – Why It May Be Necessary?

We all assume that permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime. However, there are certain instances where it is necessary for a person to get their teeth extracted. Below-mentioned is some of them: This usually happens when the tooth decay reaches the centre of the tooth which is the area known as the pulp. […]

What to do if you’ve knocked out a tooth?

Knocking out a tooth can be categorized under emergency dental issues and you should rush to your nearest emergency dentist and let them take care of it. But going to the dentist would still take time, what do you do in the time in between? Well, if it’s an adult tooth then try to put […]

How long will a tooth crown last?

That is a tricky question and is generally asked by patients who have undergone dental or tooth crown fitting surgery. The question may be straightforward, but there is no precise answer to this. It varies from patient to patient. If the dental crown is properly fitted with the appropriate materials by a skilled dentist and […]